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About Us

What Is Thewa ?

Thewa is a traditional Rajasthani art of infusing 23K gold with gemstones and multicoloured glass. The entire piece of jewellery is handmade and can take more than a month’s time. During the process, gold is given various treatments to produce magnificent design patterns.

Our Story

We love design. Scratch that. We obsess over design. It’s what we do. Sometimes we look back and wonder, “What the hell were we thinking..” but most of the time we’re really proud of what we do. We’re always thinking of more epic things to do, better briefs to come up with and a million topics and trends passing through our heads. Everything inspires us. We look at the most random things and come up with what we do. We keep tweaking our designs till we’re happy. A single design typically goes through many many iterations. It’s only when we are absolutely sure that our design will bring a big toothy grin on your face, will we finally rest in peace, kick back and get ourselves some cupcakes to celebrate.

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