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Be Beautiful with the Exotic Jewelry Designs!

Be Beautiful with the Exotic Jewelry Designs!

Exotic Jewelry Designs

What a better way to welcome the festive season with Thewa- the enthrall jewelry collection store.

As, each of us carries a personal sense of trend and style. Use these trends to enhance your already established look and also take a break from the same conventional look. The choice is yours, but one thing to promise you is our undying support with your style quotient is Thewa- Art Jewellery.

Pearls are back, this season!

How can someone not miss pearls? So, the focus is back on these elegant gemstones. Be versatile with these amazing stone. Play with varying hues of pink, black, the quintessential white and many more. Combination of large and small pearls is the best option. String interesting shades of pearls together and wear them around your neck to look fabulous. We assure you, you will make heads turn.

Stack them Up!

Perhaps the easiest and the most versatile of what is to be expected is the stacked bracelet and bangle look. Embellish your wrists with chunky cuffs or manifold bangles to rock this look of yours. Do not feel shy from experimenting with various colors and precious stones. Slip onto your wrist and feel beautiful and bold style statement. Pick one and be aware of not overdoing this trend by wearing stacks on both wrists. It will give a hold you back with the bad sense of jewellery.

Neck and Neck pieces!

If long beaded chains are so trendy, so are bold, beautiful and colorful collars. You can also make a fashion statement with stiff collars of gold and silver. Both trends lend themselves beautifully to Indian ethnic jewellery with chokers or with tribal pendants. Visit our store Thewa Art Jaipur to know how you can make this style of your own!

Time to play with colors!

Colors! Hues! It is all about color this season. Single bold color or multi color gemstones all can set in just one piece. The original Thewa Art Jewellery Collection stands for proud testament to the leading gorgeous trend. Amethyst earrings with a yellow outfit. Or Turquoise and Emeralds in the same earrings will make your look wow in the party.

Browse through our exciting range of products and connect with us to make a fashion statement for any family function or any other occasion around you! Visit your very own store –The Thewa Art Jaipur and The Thewa Art Pratapgarh to surprise everyone with the mesmerizing collection of your jewellery.

Please visit our website : http://thewastore.com/, or contact us : sales@thewastore.com , Call Us:-  9694985252

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