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Choose the neck piece complimenting the shape of your face

Choose the neck piece complimenting the shape of your face

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When we talk about say make up, hair style, the clothing or the jewellery our face shape plays a vital role. There are 6 basic face shapes as experts say. It looks very simple to identify your face shape but it is not at all an easy task to judge what neck piece will suit your personality.

Whichever category you fit into, choose your jewellery wisely so that it can add charm to your features and bring forward the best of you.

Let’s have a look what jewellery suits you the best.

Oval Shaped Face

If you have oval face cut which signifies neither round nor long, it’s between both round and long or you can say a perfect balance of both. This face shape is common and is extremely easy for women with oval shape to play with jewellery and choose what suits them the best.

Necklace Type

In this kind a shape of face, one can go with any design or any shape. Long strings of pearls will add charm and you are party ready. You can also add more of dramatic designs like polki and many more.

Round Face

This face shape is not angular at all. In this kind a shape you should try to focus more on lower side of your neckline.

Necklace Type

Choose pieces which draw a shape of V to focus lower the neckline. You can use longer lengths to lengthen the look of the face.

Heart Shaped Face

It can also call inverted triangle shape. Face can be of any length but jewellery should create illusion of narrower forehead and wider jaw line.

Necklace Type

You should use short necklace with curved shapes. Rounded neck pieces can also work. Balance of both short and long necklace will suits you the best.

Oblong or Rectangular Shaped Face

This shape is longer than it is wide. Choose jewellery which shortens in length.

Necklace type

Long lengths are best for this shape. Should pick designs with a ‘U’ shape. In this kind you should choose larger designs or round designs to draw more of attention towards the neckline.

Square Face

This face shape has sharp jaws. There should be a balance of long and short length jewellery.

Necklace type:

Women with square shaped should choose pendants with curved detailing. Should avoid chunky jewellery. Necklaces with stone pendants will compliment you.

Diamond Shaped Face

Women with a diamond shaped are angular and some what you can say bony from cheekbones.

Necklace type

Women with diamond shaped should wear small pendants along with long chains.

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