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Gift them the gift of Love

Gift them the gift of Love

Thewa jewellery

Wedding season is on its peak. Are you also thinking to choose a unique ring for your special person on the special occasion? Let us help you with this.

Though jewellery is a timeless beauty, you need to know the taste of the person whom you want to gift this to. Before making this decision, you should know the personality along with the style of the person.

Tips For Gifting Ring To Your Man!

Men who wear jewellery regularly prefer a fancy or chunky ring, while men who have never worn jewellery in their life would most probably prefer wearing simple ones. If your man wears chain around his neck on daily basis, for him you can think of buying a fancy engagement ring. There’s no rule for buying the perfect wedding ring but it should suit your man’s personality.

Just you need to take in consideration is the lifestyle of the person. If your man prefer wearing rings only on some special occasions, you can opt fancy and heavy rings. If you think that your life partner would be wearing the wedding ring on a regular basis, you should look for a comfortable wedding ring for men.

Tips For Gifting Ring To Your Woman!

Want to surprise your her special engagement ring? You can get an extraordinary unique ring for your special moment. As we all know engagement is very special occasion, you need to be extra careful while buying jewellery and specially your wedding ring. You must opt for simple yet elegant ring that she will love and can wear each day. She might want to flaunt your love by showing it to her friends too!

As we know there are several jewellery stores where you can get your engagment rings but the main thing is to find the store where you can get the best and unique designs for engagement rings. You can also look for the best rings online. The precious gems are available in different shapes and sizes. You can pick ring according to your partner’s personality. If she is slim, go for an elegant and simple ring. If she is well-built opt option of outsized ring.

Matching wedding bands are also popular amongst younger generation these days. Couple love to wear same style and shape rings. What’s your choice. You can opt for original Thewa jewellery, we are sure you and your partner will love it.

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