Handcrafted Fashion Jewelry wearing Tips

Handcrafted Fashion Jewelry wearing Tips

Handcrafted Fashion Jewelry wearing Tips

How often you get stuck While rotating through the same three-four pairs of earrings/Necklaces for the occasions? Are you tired of looking for the perfect match of jewelry with your traditional look? Jewelry is such an easy way to add a little charm, creativity, and individuality to your outfit. Even a basic Indian attire can look cool if put together with the right jewelry. Playing with jewelry is a fun, it’s also way too easy to find yourself in an inspired heritage jewelry rut.


Luckily, it has now become easier to alter your jewelry-wearing preferences with the enormous range of luxurious handcrafted art products from Thewastore.com. Whether you are seeking for a perfect combination to go with your outfit or something new and different, or simply wear your heritage traditional jewelry in a Royal style, here are a few fresh handcrafted fashion jewelry-wearing ideas that might catch your fancy.

1. Layer necklaces and bracelets.

You probably layer your clothes all the time, especially during those times of year when the weather turns from burning warm in the sunshine to downright chilled when you’re in the shade. So why not layer your jewelry too?

You could try pairing a pendant with a simpler chain or choker, or wear several handcrafted gold necklaces of different lengths with fresh water pearls layered together for an on-trend look. If you’re going with a statement necklace though, it’s best to just wear one at a time so that you don’t detract from it or totally overwhelm your traditional outfit.

Bracelets are also fun to layer, and doing so really adds something special every time to your outfits.

2. Wear a necklace over your kurti’s

This is a great technique for specially on those cold winter days where you just want to slink into your turtleneck and never come out! It also works in the summer when you might want to wear a lightweight, long-sleeved button-up kurti, or a high-necked, traditional outfit at your family functions.

You can easily wear a pendant with a high-necked traditional outfit, tucking the chain around the back and letting it hang in front, almost like a classy, feminine bolo tie. Try wearing a statement necklace that matches the color of your high-necked blouse. If you’re wearing a blue kurti, go with a necklace with glass work or stones of a slightly different blue.

3. Don’t match your jewelry.

Usually, when you wear a necklace, you tend to reach for a pair of earrings or a bracelet that came with it so that all your jewelry items match. However, it’s a lot more fun and eye-catching to wear things that aren’t part of a set. For example, if you’re wearing a necklace with red stones in a flowery pattern, you could grab a pair of simple gold chandelier earrings to go with it. Or you could combine a chain necklace with a geometric bracelet.

This is a technique you can try with your traditional clothes as well, by mixing up the patterns and colors in unique ways. Just make sure that there is a theme as well as complementary colors running through your outfit so that the various elements don’t clash too much.