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Know the best hacks to keep your jewellery long lasting.

Know the best hacks to keep your jewellery long lasting.

jewellery long lasting

Buying beautiful and antique jewellery is a task for most of the people but taking care of your loved prized possessions is even a task bigger than buying. Agree? Now the question is how to maintain your jewellery for long lasting effect. Let’s take a wonderful tour to this journey of keep your jewellery at its sparkling best!

The most important thing to keep in mind is avoid spraying perfume after wearing your favorite jewellery.

Reason: If you have a habit of applying perfume every day, let’s make it a practice to wear your loved jewellery at least five to ten minutes after spraying it. Let the chemicals settle down for ten minutes and then put on the jewellery.

Don’t forget to remove your jewellery before entering into a swimming pool.

Reason: Avoid wearing jewellery while entering into a swimming pool or taking shower as it contains chlorine in the water which is very much harmful for your jewellery. One should also avoid wearing jewellery during exercise or while going to gym as the sweat is a potential threat in damaging the luster of your jewellery.  Also, remove your jewellery while doing your household work like gardening etc.

Clean your jewellery regularly.

Reason: You should clean your jewellery on regular basis using very mild liquid detergent. Should avoid using detergents directly on jewellery, always remember to dilute your detergent before using. The ration of the detergent to water must be 1:4. Soak your jewellery into the solution for five minutes and by using a soft brush clean it gently. Do not use hard chemicals on any of your jewellery set but take special care in case of pearls.

Store jewellery in a soft pouch.

Reason: Store your jewellery pieces a tissue paper separately also you can keep it in a cloth pouch as so as to avoid scratches. Always ensure that the cloth or the box of your jewellery must not have moisture. Don’t keep your jewellery on the table or the side of the sink, always keep your jewellery backside in the box. Else you will end up losing your jewellery in which you didn’t just invest financially but also emotionally.

So follow these simple but effective tips to retain your jewellery as good as new.  And if you already done with all of the above tips and craving to buy new jewellery, visit Thewa Art Jewellery, Thewa Art Pratapgarh and Thewa Art Jaipur.

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