Designer Necklace

Item: Necklace set with earrings.
Pendant & Earrings: 23 kt. Gold, Red glass in background , Gold plated Silver with American Diamond in casing
Pendant: approximately 3 to 4 cm across
String: approximately 15 inches
Pendant & Earrings: Pale Yellow & Green with Gold & American Diamond
String: Dark Green

Product Description

  • This  is antique Thewa necklace set with earrings.
  • Designer Thewa set studded with American Diamonds.
  • Round Shape with flower motif.
  • Thewa necklace is made up with a combination of red colored glass and small Turquoise Green beads.
  • Being essentially Multicolored Neckpiece can be worn with dresses of almost all colors.

Additional Information

Weight 20 g


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