Designer Necklace

Item: Necklace set with earrings.
Pendant & Earrings: 23 kt. Gold, Red glass in background , Gold plated Silver with American Diamond in casing
Pendant: approximately 3 to 4 cm across
String: approximately 15 inches
Pendant & Earrings: Pale Yellow & Green & Blue with Gold & American Diamond
String: Dark Red

Product Description

  1. Style is a way to say who you are without actually having to speak,support your style with this grand necklace brings to you by Thewa store.
  2. Leaf shaped pendant with a flower motif & unique set of earrings.
  3. Thewa Necklace is made up with a combination of red colored glass with  Diamonds and small Dark Red beads.
  4. Being essentially Multicolored Neck piece can be worn with dresses of almost all colors.


Additional Information

Weight 20 g


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