“We mold time, engrave history & produce legends through our work”

Inspired by the rich beauty of the vintage artwork and supreme creativity in dazzling goldwork, we have created this platform of Thewastore, to restore the exclusive magnificence of one of the finest craftwork – Thewa Art and take it to art lovers for its elegance & styling all around the world. we have developed such products that have blends of everything i.e. classiness of royalty, uniqueness of art, the experience of tradition legacy & soul of contemporary styling which makes a perfect package to add to our lifelong & unique collection of jewellery & artefacts. In the world of jewellery where gold takes shape into various forms, here is this unique and exemplary way of molding gold engraved into various colors. Explored from the treasure of Indian handicraft, dated back to Mughal Period, Thewastore is endeavoring to bring in varied dimensions to the Thewa art, for you to cherish the grandiosity of Thewa in its art forms.

We at Thewastore ought to develop products that shall aptly enrich your experience of varied occasions – be it social, personal or professional. Our exclusive and customized collection ranges from smallest pendant to heavy (bridal) neckpieces in jewellery, shringar set for brides, artefacts for valuable gifting and home décor, splendid accessories for men, crafted company logo and unique & handcrafted souvenirs & corporate gifts. The category of products also includes integration of Thewa, Kundan & nagina setting work. We welcome you to share with us the bond for artistry love & to give us an opportunity to canvass it into antique jewellery and artefacts in internationally recognized and honored Thewa Artwork.


A 400yrs old Traditional art of fusing 23ct gold sheet with molten glass. Thewa meaning “setting”, is the work of real gold on multicolored glass with motifs and designs unique to this form of art. These Thewa pieces as encased in either gold casing or gold plated silver casing as in demand of order. Having its roots in the land of Rajasthan, an epicenter of romance, chivalry, art & culture, this exquisite art form was first designed here by the local goldsmith (who calls themselves as Rajsoni) have preserved its ethnic value since the Mughal Regime.

The technique of making intricate & subtle Thewa art work mastered & preserved by the generations of this Rajsoni’s family, exhibit motifs designed in gold that depicts the themes of Radha Krishna, expresses the tales of bravery & romance of legendary maharajas, flora & fauna, animal figures, Indian culture & Barat“ etc. For generations, the artisans have produced extraordinary objects of ornamental and utility value. The colors of glass used commonly, are red, blue and green. Thewa has gained recognition all over the world, with its craftsmen honored with national acclaims and international awards including UNESCO. This art holds its place in various museums including The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, The Victoria & Albert, etc.