Order Processing

Registering My Account

Is it mandatory to register my details to buy online?
No. In order to place an order in our website, you may checkout as a Guest, however, you will have to provide certain details such as your Name, Phone number, Email id and address for the order placement.

Why should I register?
Once you register, you will have access to all your Purchase history, Invoices and the same can be used for quicker checkouts. You can manage/ edit your personal details, Change your passwords and track status of your orders anytime.

How safe are my details?
We have taken all possible measures to ensure safety and confidentiality of your Personal Information. For more details, please refer our Privacy Policy


What are various modes of Payment ?
Thewastore offers you multiple payment modes viz Net banking, Debit Card, Credit Card or through UPI.

Will I get confirmation after payment?
Yes, once your payment is confirmed, you will receive an email confirming your Order.

How do I check the status of my Order?
You can check your Order details in My Account section in the top right of the Home page.

What if the amount is deducted but Order completion page did not appear?
Such instances can occur if there is network breakage. In such cases, please send us an email to thewastore@gmail.com with your payment reference Details, product details and date of transaction. If the amount reflects in our Payment Gateway, your order will be processed immediately and a duplicate invoice shall be sent to your email id. If not, we will notify you and you can contact your bank.


From which all locations can I place an order?
You can place an order from any country, state, city, village or any remotest location, provided you have mobile connectivity and basic logistics.

What are the Delivery Charges?
Delivery charges vary from Place to Place and depends on the volumetric dimension and weight of the Product. Few Products are shipped at free of cost and some are charged nominally.

What is the estimated time of delivery?
We understand the eagerness of our customers to own thewastore jewelry products, hence we make sure to ship the handcrafted bespoke orders at the earliest (Within 10-12 days) of order confirmation.

Are there any other charges apart from what I see in the website?
The MRP mentioned in the website is inclusive of all taxes. Our Customers need not worry of Hidden charges at the checkout stage.

How is the Delivery done?
We prefer sending it through Parcel service of India Post, however, we have also tied up with many logistics vendors in order to speed up the delivery.

Do you deliver only in India?
We take orders from both Domestic & International Customers, however, if the order placed is outside of India, the applicable customs & taxes are to be borne by the Customer in accordance with the law of the land.

Product Customization

Can I get the products customized as per my request? 

Yes, Handicraft products can be customized as per your request, provided the design is realizable.

How can I place Customization request?

Customers interested in the customized product can mail us at thewastore@gmail.com along with detailed description of the intended customization and we will get back to you on the same.

How much time does it take to share the customized product?

Since all our Handicraft products are handmade in its particular location(Pratapgarh) so it may take relatively more time than the actual product. The details of customization such as time, charges shall be shared with you during the inquiry.

Is there any additional cost for customized products?

Not necessary, it depends on the type of customization, however if customization requires additional resources, it may lead to nominal extra charges.

Should I place the order before requesting for customization?

No, first our customer shall be shown the prototype, only after you are satisfied with the customization, pricing and the time duration, you shall place the Order.

Can I cancel the customization Order?

No, since the customized products are designed to an Individual, the Order cancellation request shall not be considered for refund/ exchange unless the product received is other than that accepted during order placement.

Return & Refund

Important Note: Since Thewastore jewelry products are premium, we request our customers to video the unpacking of the product as a reference to further claims.

Under what circumstances, can I return a product?
Product can be returned only if it is damaged on time of delivery.

Within what duration should I place a return request?
A return request should be made within 24 hours of receiving the Product.

What if the product received is damaged?
If the received product is damaged, we request you to send us the unboxing video displaying the damaged product to thewastore@gmail.com

How do I initiate Return request for an Order?
The Product should be returned in its Original condition and such request shall be made within 24 hours .

Who pays for the Return delivery charges?
In case of mistake from our end, the logistics cost will be refunded to the customer’s account, in other situations Customer should bear the logistic cost which shall be deducted from the voucher value.

For more details, kindly visit Return and Refund Policy.

Geographical Indications

What are Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)?

Intellectual property rights are just like any other property right. They allow creators or owners of patents, trademarks or copyrighted works to enjoy the benefit from their efforts.
What are the different forms of IPR?
The different forms of IPR include:
•  Patents
• Trademarks
• Industrial Designs
• Copyrights
• Geographical Indications (GI)
• Protection of Plant Varieties and Farmers’ Rights (PPV & FR)
• Semiconductor Integrated Circuit Layout Design (SICLD)
• Trade Secrets/Protection of undisclosed information
What is Geographical Indication or GI TAG?
• It is a form of Intellectual Property Right belonging to a community
• GI Tag  indicates a definite geographical origin of a Product
• The GI Tag is given to agricultural, Natural and Manufactured Goods
• A product may be applied for the GI Status provided it has a special quality or reputation or any other peculiar characteristics limited to a specific Geographical territory.
What does a Geographical Indication provide?
A Geographical Indications enables the rightful user to prevent the misuse of such products by a third party who describes the Products
of having specific origin but is made elsewhere
of having certain unique qualities even when they do not.
of having met applicable standards as mentioned in GI Registry, even when it is not
Can a geographical indication be registered in the name of an individual?
No. A Geographical Indication is intended for a community or is a right given to a group. Hence it is not possible to get Geographical Indication registration in the name of an individual.
What are the advantages of registration of Geographical Indication?
Confers legal protection to Geographical Indication Tagged products
No person other than the Producer or those who procure the GI Products from its very Origin and abide by all the applicable standards as mentioned in GI Registry is entitled to Use the name of Such Products.
Negates false Trade Practices
The Geographical Indications Act of India 1999, prevents unauthorized use and imposes penalty and punishment for Using and selling bogus and deceptive Thewa Art Products.
Symbol of Authenticity
Thewa Art Products has GI tag which helps consumers Identify between Fake and Genuine Products. All products are guided by Standards whereas GI functions under the Law.