Choker Necklace – The most trending...

Choker Necklace – The most trending...

A choker is one of the most trending accessories right now. Though it might be a new trend for western outfits, but for ethnic attires, it has always been a primary necklace style. As you must have seen Deepika in Padmavat, the beautiful pearl choker she was wearing with her heavy outfit was adding a good taste to it. There are several looks of royal ladies wearing the necklace style as far back as Rajput.

There have been many types of chokers wore during history for different reasons. Patterns and materials used have been changed but the style of fitting close to the neck has remained unchanged since its first existence that was hundreds of years ago.

You may also see several portraits of Queen Victoria on the Internet where she is wearing a choker during her reign. Also the Princess of Wales – Alexandra used to wear a choker necklace just to hide the scars she had around her neck but this has made an effect on Fashion and it becomes a trend for the next 50 years because other ladies started copying her.

During the Victorian Era, some ladies wore chokers as a fashion statement while some were adorned with jewels. Choker Necklaces add a lot of charm to your outfit. Women of all ages love them because it is one of those jewellery types which is both fashionable and classic and therefore people love to invest in it. It is one of those that can be styled in versatile ways with both Western and Indian outfits.

Being the ancient art specialist, Thewa Artists knows how to match up with the trend. With their beautiful creativity, they have made a fusion of modern trends with that of the Rajasthani Ancient Art. Artists of Thewastore presents you the designer customizable jewellery, styled in the form of Choker using the white pearls and special Thewa Art, which would look perfect with your classy Indian and Western attires. Go and check them out once on our website: or on Instagram and Facebook: @thewastore, believe me, you won’t take your eyes off them.

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