History of Thewa Art Jewellery

History of Thewa Art Jewellery

The Thewa art Originated back 400 years ago in Pratapgarh, Rajasthan. Shri Nathu Lal Soni Ji initiated this unique art in 1707, and soon this alluring art captured the attention of kings and other royal families which made Thewa jewelry more visible and famous in that era. By looking at the popularity of Thewa jewellery, Maharaja Sumant Singh patronized this art in 1765 and granted a jagir to the family of Shri Nathu Lal Soni ji and conferred the title of ‘Rajsoni’ on him.  The art of these crafts gets passed on from generation to generation and hence remains in the family called ‘Raj-Sonis’.

Thewa Design Motifs

This exquisite jewellery has found its place in the Metropolitan Museum in New York and Geological Museum in London. With its elegant style, this art has graced the beauty of ‘Queen of England’ and holds its place in various museums including The Victoria & Albert.

Thewa Art Old Necklace

The art of making Thewa jewelry is a very detailed and intricate process that involves handcrafting over a month by skilled artisans. The making of this jewelry involves the beating of gold pieces into very thin sheets and then setting them into the glass or mirror objects. As this art is handcrafted, a single piece of Thewa jewelry usually takes one month to complete. Traditionally, artisans used to carve mythological and religious characters on the pieces of jewellery, this makes the art more rich and royal compared to the other art forms of that time. The major themes used in the creation of designs are the hunting scene with elephants, deer, and lions, Maharana Pratap riding the horse, Krishna with gopis, peacocks, flowers, or royal weddings.

Making Of Thewa Art Jewellery

The family of Raj-Sonis has received several awards and recognition for their contribution to the awareness and promotion of this art form globally. Many members from this family have been awarded by UNESCO, National & State Government and the art has been awarded nine National awards since 1996. Shri Mahesh Raj Soni Ji has received the title of ‘Padmashree' in 2015 for his enormous efforts and countless contributions in the field of art. He has been featured in the Limca Book of World Records in its 2011 edition.

This legacy of Thewa Art Jewellery is now headed ahead by the young successor of Raj Soni family. ‘Raj Soni’ brothers are working hard to make the art more lively and eternal; the vision of Thewa Jewellery is to promote artisans and art throughout the world.

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