Original Thewa Art Jewellery Collection

Original Thewa Art Jewellery Collection

The beauty of Thewa art jewellery lies in its originality and authenticity. You may find a lot of thewa jewellery options in the market but always make sure to double-check the authenticity of it before making a final purchase as the use of plastic and local glass is very common in this jewellery making.

If you are looking to buy world-class original thewa art jewellery, visit thewastore for a wholesome experience. Thewastore is an initiative by Kalpesh Rajsoni, son of Padmashree Mahesh Rajsoni ji who is on a mission to promote the 400-year-old original thewa. Thewastore.com hoists a variety of jewellery which varies from exquisite rings to beautiful earrings, from traditional Mathapatis to elegant Chokers and so on, you may also find royal Cufflinks and Suit Button for men as well under the house of Thewastore. 

The Original Thewa Art Jewellery is an exquisite fusion of Indian history and monarchy. Some of our loved products include Elephant choker designs, Kundan Thewa floral designs, motifs of florals, etc. The major themes used in the creation of thewa designs are the hunting scene with elephants, deer, and lions, Maharana Pratap riding the horse, Krishna with gopis, peacocks, flowers, or royal weddings. The uniqueness of thewa lies in the beauty of its handcrafted work, and to maintain its uniqueness all the designer pieces in Thewastore are woven by hand and no machinery is used in Jewellery making.

If you are interested to get into some royal craftiness, head out to www.thewastore.com and shop for original Thewa jewellery. 

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