Original Thewa Art Jewellery - Thewastore

Original Thewa Art Jewellery - Thewastore

Thewa is a known name in the field of jewellery and heritage artwork. You may be seeing or hearing a lot about Thewa artworks on various platforms these days, but always double-check the authenticity and genuineness of Thewa before purchasing from any source.


Where to Find the Original Thewa Jewellery?

www.thewastore.com a pioneer in creating original Thewa artwork, has been the largest platform and one-stop solution for years, hosting a variety of Thewa artwork such as thewa jewellery, decor, antiques and so on. Shri Nathulal Soni Ji conceived thewa artwork as a product for royal families of the time, and it has existed for 400 years. As a royal goldsmith, Shri Nathulal Soni Ji ensures that the product's quality and purity are maintained.


The same process of manufacturing thewa jewellery was passed down to Nathulal Soni ji's family, and the family is still crafting products using the same procedure, insuring originality and authenticity. There are a lot of people who are crafting this art from the family and Padmshree Awardee Mahesh Rajsoni was a pioneer in bringing thewa art to the rest of the world, and his son Kalpesh Rajsoni is currently continuing on the heritage. Mahesh Rajsoni has won many awards and had a dream of representing this art on international platforms. For fulfilling the dream of the father, his son Kalpesh Rajsoni who is a young revivalist of Indian handcraft thewa art and a computer engineering graduate with an honours degree started building the online platform for spreading awareness about the thewa art. He launched his first website in 2010 while pursuing the engineering degree but failed that time due to the lack of resources and funding. He could not sustain the platform for a longer time. But he didn't give up. He continued working hard. In 2012 he again started a Facebook page to keep alive this art. After working hard for 10 years now he has the most successful e-commerce platform on the domain of thewastore.com which he created himself and managed. It is one of the successful platforms so far and he is continuously working hard to improve the user experience and give all information about the history and origin of thewa art.


Kalpesh RajSoni, as a revivalist of this art, confirms the product's quality and authenticity. Thewastore is quickly establishing itself as a resource for original Thewa artwork at a fair price. It is his vision to support other artist and their families for a sustainable life and provide them education so they can make their art alive. He is on a mission to represent thewa art worldwide. Thewastore provides you with an opportunity to place online orders no matter in which part of the world you are sitting in. Original Thewa will be delivered to your doorstep within a few days.


If you are looking to buy the beautiful Thewa artwork always ensure its pureness and to check our products range, please visit the website www.thewastore.com

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