Unveiling Elegance: The Best Bridal Jewellery Store in Jaipur

Unveiling Elegance: The Best Bridal Jewellery Store in Jaipur

Embrace Timeless Elegance with Thewa Art and Kundan Jewellery

Every love story deserves to be celebrated in the most exquisite manner, and what better way to do so than with the perfect bridal jewellery? At Thewa Store by Kalpesh Rajsoni, we take pride in being the epitome of sophistication and craftsmanship, offering you the finest collection of handcrafted Thewa art and Kundan jewellery in the heart of Jaipur.

The Art of Personalization

We understand that every bride is unique, and her jewellery should reflect her individuality. That's why we specialize in providing customized solutions that cater to your specific preferences. Our skilled artisans work closely with you to create bespoke pieces that tell your love story in every detail. From intricate Thewa art to timeless Kundan designs, our jewellery is a celebration of your personal style.

Thewa Art: A Time-Honored Tradition

Jaipur is renowned for its rich cultural heritage, and our Thewa art jewellery pays homage to this tradition. Thewa, meaning "setting," involves the intricate process of fusing 23-karat gold on multicolored glass. The result is a mesmerizing piece of art that captures the essence of Rajasthan's royal history. Each Thewa creation at our store is a testament to the skilled craftsmanship passed down through generations.

Kundan Jewellery: A Symphony of Stones

Kundan jewellery, with its regal allure, has been a symbol of elegance for centuries. Our collection seamlessly blends tradition with contemporary design, featuring carefully set gemstones that add a touch of glamour to your bridal ensemble. From elaborate necklaces to delicate earrings, our Kundan jewellery is a harmonious blend of heritage and modernity.

Commitment to Quality

At Thewa Store, quality is our cornerstone. Each piece of jewellery is meticulously crafted using the finest materials to ensure longevity and timeless beauty. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond the product itself, as we strive to provide an unparalleled shopping experience for our valued customers.

Visit Us in Jaipur

Located in the heart of the Pink City, our store is a haven for brides seeking the perfect blend of tradition and innovation in their jewellery. Immerse yourself in the world of Thewa art and Kundan jewellery at our boutique, where each piece tells a story and captures the essence of your love.


Your journey to finding the perfect bridal jewellery begins at Thewa Store by Kalpesh Rajsoni. Discover the artistry of Thewa and the allure of Kundan jewellery as we weave together tradition and contemporary elegance. Let your love story be adorned with the finest handcrafted creations, where every detail is a reflection of your unique style.

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