What is Thewa Art?

What is Thewa Art?

Thewa is a special art of jewelry making that uses the delicate work of gold on multicolor glass material. This art was originated in Pratapgarh, Rajasthan some 400 years back by Nathu Ji Soni. The existence of Thewa Art was started with the Mughal age and carries off its elegance through the time period of the colonial age and modern India. One of the most alluring works of Thewa art could be found in Metropolitan Museum in New York which was made by Shri Mathura Lal Soni Ji, with the addition this Thewa Art Pratapgarh has its presence in Geological Museum in London and this alluring Thewa jewelry grace the beauty of ‘Queen of England’ also. This art holds its place in various museums including The Victoria & Albert etc.

Mahesh Raj Soni at London Museum

Thewa Art jewelry is a perfect blend of Indian heritage where royalty meets tradition and culture meets trends. The word ‘Thewa’ is derived from the local dialect of the region which usually means ‘setting’. The art of making Thewa jewelry is a very detailed and intricate process that involves handcrafting over a month by skilled artisans. The making of this jewelry involves the beating of gold pieces into very thin sheets and then setting them into the glass or mirror objects. As this art is handcrafted, a single piece of Thewa jewelry usually takes one month to complete by skilled artisans. Thewa Art jewellery is a perfect blend of Indian heritage where royalty meets tradition. As Thewa carries the royal tradition, you can figure out the reflection of same in their jewellery i.e. the major themes used in the creation of designs are the hunting scene with elephants, deer, and lions, Maharana Pratap riding the horse, Krishna with gopis, peacocks, flowers or royal weddings. Thewa artwork often gets confused by enameling, which is a completely different technique of coating or decorating whereas thewa artisans handcrafted the jewellery by using the ancestral technique.

Thewa Art Process

The uniqueness of Thewa lies in the beauty of its handcrafted work, all the designer pieces are woven by hand and no use of modern machinery is used in making the jewellery. Though the jewellery concept is a historic one but the use of different colours and patterns make it a blend of antique-modernization jewellery. This legacy of Thewa Art Jewellery is now headed ahead by the young successor of Raj Soni family. ‘Raj Soni’ brothers are working hard to make the art more lively and eternal; the vision of Thewa Store is to promote artisans and art throughout the world. 

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